In Which I Visit the Best Place in Romania

I enjoyed my time in Brasov, but the vast majority of visitors to that city are not there to check out the fire-blackened Saxon church, one dollar ice cream, and violinists playing theme songs from a PBS documentary. No, they are there to visit the nearby Bran Castle, aka the Dracula's Castle.

Approximately Ten of the Best Things to Do in Transylvania

After my beautiful day in Sinaia, I headed out on the open train tracks to experience the rest of Transylvania. I was fortunate as a non-driver because this region of the nation is very easy and inexpensive to explore by train. I made stops in Brasov, Sighisoara, and Sibiu, and I have since been told by an Actual Romanian that these are the "best places to see" in Romania. That's three. Three beautiful Transylvanian cities. MWAHAHAHAHA! 

Sorry, I'll be doing that all throughout this post.

How to Have a Beautiful Day in Sinaia

Before my trip to Romania, I had never heard of Sinaia, so I'm assuming you haven't heard of it either. It is an extremely popular town for hiking and skiing, so it is chock full o' tourists in the summer and winter. However, from what I could tell these tourists seemed to be largely from other parts of Romania.

Approximately Five of the Best Things to Do in Bucharest

Bucharest very rarely shows up on list of "European Cities You Must Visit Before You Die". Could that be because it was once voted "The EU's Ugliest Capital"? Quite possibly. Nevertheless, if you look past the potholes, run-down areas, and omnipresent ads for prostitutes, you will find some lovely parks, fascinating museums, and one really good restaurant. Join me as I take you on a tour of this city, and at the very least you will stop mistaking it for Budapest.

In Which I Celebrate the Best Holiday in Cape Town

I am not a big holiday person. Most holidays are designed for families, not solo travelerettes. However, I do have one holiday ritual that is near and dear to my heart. I always spend New Year's in a city I have never visited before. This started with my New Year's in Rio, and I wanted to continue the tradition by feting the New Year on my first time in Cape Town.

The Roundhouse Restaurant

In Which I Explore the Best Parts of South Africa

If you are like me, you will want to explore the beautiful countryside around Cape Town and see Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope, and the famous South African penguins. However, if you continue to be like me and are unable to drive, then you should take a guided tour in order to see as many of the Cape's wonders as possible. I booked this tour through Viator, but it ended up being conducted by Springbok, the same company that had been in charge of my wine tour.

Approximately Ten of the Best Things to Do in and Around Cape Town

Cape Town, despite its tragic history, is a city of remarkable beauty containing stunning flowers, mountains, architecture, and penguins. An ideal trip would combine exploring the countryside and drinking wine with seeing penguins, absorbing the information at historical museums and monuments, visiting penguins, lying on the beach, looking at penguins, climbing Table Mountain, and gawking at penguins.

Also, don't forget the penguins.